THA HealthShare Solutions is a quarterly publication featuring endorsed partners of the Texas Hospital Association.

June 2017

  • Efficient Care Delivery Boosts Quality, Cost...and Nurse Morale
  • Minimize Turnover by Minimizing Conflict
  • Match-Maker: Marrying the Art and the Science of Physician Recruitment
  • This is the End: 2017 Legislative Session Closes (For Now)

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March 2017

  • Assuring Quality Care and Transparency in Continengency Staffing
  • Cyber Liability Coverage
  • Shift to ICD-10 is Leaving Hospitals Overstaffed and Guessing on Codes
  • Addressing Click Fatigue to Improve Physician Satisfaction
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June 2017 issue of THA HealthShare Solutions
June 2017 Issue of THA HealthShare Solutions